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Judith Woerler, Founder & President

Ever since reading the book "My friend Flicka" as a little girl Judith had been dreaming of living on a ranch with horses, dogs and cats and all kinds of other animals. She'd liked to become a veterinarian but thought she wasn't smart enough, so instead she became an Airline Captain. After retiring early from the airlines, in 2015 Judith moved to Naples, Florida, where she started volunteering with the local Animal Control. When one of her foster dogs was going to be euthanized she decided to adopt him instead, trained him and showed him he could trust again. Eddie got adopted by a wonderful couple 5 ½ months later. Judith then fostered for Love Is Furever (LIFE) Dog Rescue in Ft. Myers until  in 2021 she bought and moved to a farm in Upstate New York to fulfill her dream of rescuing and rehabbing animals in need. Even on her way driving up to NY Judith came across a couple of homeless Labs living in the streets of a small Alabama town. Ella and Enzo would be the first residents of The Sweet Life Animal Rescue Inc. 



Saving lives one animal at a time through 

* rescuing, rehabbing and rehoming or retiring animals in need;

* providing resources to the community to empower individuals to help animals

* educating on animal husbandry and teaching and showing compassion


No more neglected, abused or homeless animals

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