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Harry & Sally

In June 2021 we bailed Harry and Sally off a meat truck to Mexico and had them shipped to the Rescue Ranch. They were both terrified of people, Sally even more so than Harry. She'd be shaking on her whole body if we'd ever manage to get her into a stall. Thanks to Animal Reiki she's come a very long way and will let us handle her without issues. Harry and Sally are hinnies (pony mom and donkey dad) and because of the donkey in them require a donkey diet as they are prone to diabetes and foundering (a very painful hoof disease caused by dietary inflammation). They do not get to free graze but live on a so called track set up in one of the pastures which limits their grass intake. They are also on limited hay.

Harry and Sally are very bonded and need to be adopted together.


Phoebe came into the Rescue when her owner saved her at an auction. Phoebe is tall and gorgeous and an incredibly easy ride. She is safe to ride for all levels. Phoebe is approximately 15 years old and healthy as a horse.

Cheryl's Dream aka Dreamy

Dreamy came into our Rescue through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation together with Alpine Thunder, Big Boy Toz and Bobby, who passed in summer 2022 of old age.

Dreamy, like her "siblings", is a Standardbreds and former pacer racehorses. Dreamy has arthritis in her right rear foot and is no longer rideable because of it. However, in every day life her big foot doesn't bother her and she loves nothing more than to show how gorgeous and majestic she is by prancing up and down the pasture with her head and tail held high.

Dreamy has incredibly good ground manners and is very sweet and friendly. She (like all our horses) gets along with every horse, donkey or goat, as well as cats and dogs, even chickens.

Dreamy is a real dream horse. She was born 04/08/2012 in Kentucky out of IF I CAN DREAM -HEAVENLY GOOD - JATE LOBELL. 

Her adoption is through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.


Alpine Thunder

Thunder came into our Rescue through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation together with Cheryl's Dream, Big Boy Toz and Bobby, who passed in summer 2022 of old age.

Thunder is a Standardbred and former trotter racehorse. Thunder has bad feet and is no longer rideable because of it. However, in every day life his feet don't bother him at all.

Like the other Standardbreds Thunder has incredibly good ground manners and is very sweet and friendly. When he first came here in fall 2021 he was a bit mean with the horses further down in rank but he has integrated very nicely into the herd and is now lower in rank himself. Thunder (like all our horses) gets along with every horse, donkey or goat, as well as cats and dogs, even chickens. Thunder is bonded with Tommy.

He was born 04/17/2005 in Ballston Spa, NY out of SIR TAURUS - ALPINE TREASURE - A GO GO LAUXMONT.

His adoption is through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.

Tommy aka Big Boy Toz

Tommy came into our Rescue through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation together with Cheryl's Dream, Alpine Thunder and Bobby, who passed in summer 2022 of old age.

Tommy is a Standardbred and former pacer racehorse and won his owners quite some money. Because of the stress on his legs from racing he is said to go lame on and off when being worked but should be good for light riding like easy trail rides. Here at the Rescue he has never shown any issues with lameness.

Thunder  is incredibly sweet and gentle, he is very mellow and good natured, and like his "siblings" has incredibly good ground manners. Tommy is at the lower end in the herd's hierarchy and gets along with every horse, donkey or goat, as well as cats and dogs, even chickens. Tommy is bonded with Thunder.

He was born 02/09/2009 in Chesapeake City, MD out of ALLAMERICAN NATIVE -ROOMIE HANOVER - BIG TOWNER.

His adoption is through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.

Ella & Enzo

I found Ella and Enzo homeless in Alabama as I was driving in March 2021 from Florida to the ranch in Morris. They had been living on the street for a while and no one cared, so they got a quick ticket to New York and haven't looked back for a second. Both were heartworm positive and intact and so malnourished that I didn't realize Ella was pregnant until 2 weeks before she gave birth to 7 adorable puppies.

Ella seems to be Enzo's mom and the two are extremely bonded. They are the absolute sweetest dogs ever and have yet to meet a stranger. Because of their story they will only be adopted to a perfect home were they get to go on regular hikes or long walks and spend as much time with their parents as they do here with me. 

They are house trained, listen really well, are great off leash and really just want to melt into you or anybody that will give them the time of day. They are great with chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, ponies, donkeys, horses, cats and dogs of all ages as well as all humans of all shapes, forms and sex.



Chinook was born in the West Bank, in Palestine, on 01/02/23 and was lucky enough to be rescued and taken to the Bethlehem Animal Shelter. From there he was adopted to Quebec City in Canada in December 2023, but locked into a basement apartment not being able to drain his energy, he became mouthy and was almost euthanized because of it. Luckily his original rescuer was able to intervene and through Animal Heros EU, which is run by friends of mine, and with the help of a handful of women pilots he came to us. Chinook is a German Shepherd-Husky mix, neutered, weighs about 50lbs and is the absolute sweetest boy and a still very "innocent" soul (not to exclude mischief!). He's still got that puppy mind that needs to explore the world and learn about things. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body but is incredibly affectionate and loving! He does however have medium-high energy and is very smart, so his new family needs to be active on a daily basis. Check out our Social Media pages for videos on him.


Scrappy, a NYC ACC alumni, is a Chihuahua, ​approx. 11 years young, neutered and weighs 13lbs. He has a heart murmur, was given an all clear in a cardio workup and went through dental surgery to be ready for lots of kisses with his new family. He is very well mannered  and rides nicely in a car. He is quiet in the house, without any destructive behaviors. He's a very happy, faithful and loyal little dog who wants nothing more than a loving forever home. Scrappy likes people but as he can be a little shy, introductions should be slow and at Scrappy's own pace. While in general he is both cat and dog friendly, he has had some issues with a cat in his second foster home which we believe was due to jealousy. He's had a very hard time with having to switch foster homes and has deteriorated subsequently. Although he's  being fostered in Edmeston, NY, he's currently spending some time here at the rescue ranch to heal from a wound on his ear and the stress of changing homes. He's been decompressing and really is a very sweet dog who would love to have a dedicated family to call his own.



Lola is a 100% American Pit Bull Terrier according to DNA testing, approximately 3 years old and weighs 50 lbs. She came to us from Louisiana where she'd initially come into a shelter where she got abused by a (male) shelter worker who slammed the kennel door into her, multiple and repeated times. So unsurprisingly when she came here she was very skittish with new people and still needs time with new people. Lola will need an experienced furever home due to her horrible experience as a survivor of abuse.

Once she does trust she's the absolute cutest love bug, loves to be cuddled and handled, picked up and rolled around, kissed and spoilt. Lola has built up her confidence enough to be very curious about strangers and if they are calm-assertive she'll make fast friends. She listens really well and loves to follow me around like the faithful and loyal girl she is. She does love tracking scents and loves running around, but she doesn't take off or run away, however she will need an active human who will take her hiking or running. At home she is excellent. She loves her crate and cushy dog beds, and will just sleep until it's time for the next walk. She's great with cats, has learnt to be good around chickens and ducks, goats, donkeys and horses.

Max 01.HEIC


NYC ACC alumni Max (formerly known as Winn Dixie) came to the shelter as a stray. He is a very sweet and gentle senior at approx. 13 years old, he is still intact and very people, dog and cat friendly and looks just most adorable with his bat ears. He is the cutest dwarf at only 11 lbs and recently underwent dental surgery, so now his breath is sweet and fresh again for kisses for his furever family.

Max is being fostered in Selden on Long Island, NY.

Pauli 01.heic


Pauli was born here at the Rescue together with his 6 siblings 3 days after their mom got dropped off as an abandoned cat in July 2022. He's the only one remaining and the most darling little Tom-cat (as in Tom and Jerry). He's an affectionate snuggle bear playing to be this cool dude. He is slowly growing up into a really chill kitty. In summer he likes to go outside, in winter he'd rather keep his fanny warm inside the house.

Pauli is neutered and a great and beautiful Tiger boy who's looking for a home that can give him lots of love. He loves cuddles and sleeping close to his human.


Coco & Ozzy

Coco and Ozzy came to us in April 2024 from NYC ACC after their owner went into long term hospital care. They are 6 years old, very affectionate and always want to be near their human.

Coco weighs around 23 lbs, Ozzy about 15 lbs. They are getting good around cats and chickens as well as other farm animals.



Caramel is another NYCACC alumni who is being fostered in Queens. Caramel or Carmelo as I call him is a senior at 11 years old but he won't let his age stop him. He is very young at heart and loves playing ball even if he's not the fastest, most gracious or athletic as a senior. He loves people and other dogs as well as cats. He has yet to meet a stranger. Carmelo has slight arthritis and just underwent dental surgery so now his smile is beautiful again and his breath ready for kisses for his forever family.

The Goats

Benny, the only boy (who is castrated) and Luna came from a horrible hoarding situation. Benny was still a bottle baby at only 2 months old and is therefore very affectionate towards humans and always asking for head scratches. Olivia, Heidi, Blanca and Vanilla were born here at the rescue. They are all quite affectionate yet typical goats always looking for mischief. Luna is our milking goat and we gratefully use her delicious milk for sick cats and dogs as well as kittens.

They are adoptable as pets only in pairs or preferably as a group.

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