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Harry & Sally

In June 2021 we bailed Harry and Sally off a meat truck to Mexico and had them shipped to the Rescue Ranch. They were both terrified of people, Sally even more so than Harry. She'd be shaking on her whole body if we'd ever manage to get her into a stall. Thanks to Animal Reiki she's come a very long way and will let us handle her without issues. Harry and Sally are hinnies (pony mom and donkey dad) and because of the donkey in them require a donkey diet as they are prone to diabetes and foundering (a very painful hoof disease caused by dietary inflammation). They do not get to free graze but live on a so called track set up in one of the pastures which limits their grass intake. They are also on limited hay.

Harry and Sally are very bonded and need to be adopted together.

Nicki & Kenny

Together with the hinnies we bailed Nicki and Kenny off the meat truck to Mexico. At the time Nicki was less than 2 and Kenny not even a year old. Kenny came with a bad pneumonia and was in such a rough state but luckily we had hired a wonderful lady transporter who took amazing care of him.

Nicki and Kenny are such great mini donkeys, sweet and sassy and funny, always looking for mischief but I can never be mad at them since they really just want to have fun. They don't have a mean hair on them.

Nicki & Kenny are best buds and have to be adopted together.

Ella & Enzo

I found Ella and Enzo homeless in Alabama as I was driving in March 2021 from Florida to the ranch in Morris. They had been living on the street for a while and no one cared, so they got a quick ticket to New York and haven't looked back for a second. Both were heartworm positive and intact and so malnourished that I didn't realize Ella was pregnant until 2 weeks before giving birth to 7 adorable puppies.

Ella seems to be Enzo's mom and the two are extremely bonded. They are the absolute sweetest dogs ever and have yet to meet a stranger. Because of their story they will only be adopted to a perfect home were they get to go on regular hikes and spend as much time with their parents as they do here with me. 


Lilly is a very sweet and sensitive girl. She came to the ranch in May 2021 as a 4 months old together with her brother Corey when her mom changed her mind on having cats.

Lilly is sweet and fluffy and likes to sit in my lap. She's a bit shy with strangers at first but warms up quickly.

She does like to be an in/out cat, although she would probably do fine as an inside only cat if she got enough attention.

She had been adopted in November 2022 as an indoor only cat but was returned when she harassed and fought her special needs sister. Here at the ranch she couldn't be bothered with the other cats and gets along great with any and all dogs as well as with the farm animals, including the chickens.

Hemingway 4.heic


Hemmingway and his 3 siblings came here completely feral. I set them up in two attached XL dog crates, one serving as a living quarters, the other as play/eat/litter box area. The first month they were housed in my living room which barely ever gets used, so that they could decompress and get used to the smells and sounds in the house without being exposed to the craziness. After that month I moved them into the dining room which is one with the kitchen and which is where things are happening in our house. When they went for their spay and neuter appointment several months later we were not sure if they'd ever become friendly, apart from Hemingway who would approach me when I brought in their food and would let me touch him.

Hemingway is a little bit shy but a very sweet kitty. He loves to sleep in my bed. Although he goes outside here, he'd be fine as an indoor only cat.



Stevie came to the ranch in 8/23 from NYC ACC with a bad case of dermatitis as well as CIRDC (kennel cough). He has recovered from the cough and sniffles and now we are working on finding out exactly what is going on with his skin. His hair has been growing back yet he is still itchy. 

Steve is only a year old and yet in his short life has experienced enormous neglect. Skin diseases often are from extreme stress to the body. His nails are overgrown in a way I didn't even imagine possible in a one year old and it seems he hasn't ever been out much. The crate was his safe space but after 4 weeks he's out of his shell, is no longer trying to become invisible in his bed or biting from fear of being hurt. He's now turning into the one year old puppy he should be, he's started to play and even do zoomies. It's the most adorable thing ever. Nothing makes a rescuer's hard swell more than a dog that goes through a transformation like Steve's.

Steve is most likely a Lhasa Apso and  weighs currently 15 lbs.



Chapo is the cutest little 6 lb Chihuahua and came together with Steve from NYC. He's recovered from CIRDC and has a follow up visit at the vet for a UTI. He is 12 years old and intact so he still likes to mark which is why he is wearing diapers inside the house; he's already learnt to announce when he needs to go outside and in his foster home he is using the doggy door. He is an adorable little guy and not much of a snuggle boy. He can be shy with men but loves kids. One needs to go slow when picking him up as he is often afraid of that. He does well with all dogs and cats, still loves to harass the smaller chickens a wee bit but is learning to not do that. He's enjoying being a real dog here at the ranch. Chapo has a Cherry Eye and a heart murmur, both of which have no influence on his daily life at this point.



Lola is a Staffordshire Terrier (Staffy), approximately 3 years old and weighs 50 lbs. She came to us from Louisiana where she'd initially come into a shelter where she got abused by a (male) shelter worker who slammed the kennel door into her, multiple and repeated times. So unsurprisingly she is now afraid of people and is slow to trust new people. Lola will need an experienced furever home due to her horrible experience as a survivor of abuse.

Once she does trust she's the absolute cutest love bug, loves to be cuddled and handled, picked up and rolled around, kissed and spoilt. She listens pretty well although she still has times when she just enjoys tracking a scent a little too much taking a minute before she comes back when being called. She does love tracking scents and loves running around so she will need an active human who will take her hiking or running. At home she is excellent. She loves her crate where she spends most of her time, she will just sleep until it's time for the next walk. She'd also love to sleep in your bed. She's great with cats, has learnt to be good around chickens and ducks, goats, donkeys and horses.


Tommy is a really cool boy, he's so big he looks like a mini lion. Presumably because of his size the other cats in the house don't get along with him so we believe he'd do best in a home as the only cat. He doesn't care about the resident dogs, they do not bother him at all.

Tommy is not a snuggle bug (just yet) but does like to be around humans, be stroked and sleep in the bed. He is pretty easy going and laid back. He is an indoors only cat and came to us after his owner got very sick.



Kittens!!! 2 boys and 2 girls, approx. 5-6 weeks old at the end of October. They are all little tabby tigers, some with white feet, all with varying degrees of fluff.

Adoptable mid/end November 


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