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Animal Rescue: Welcome

The Dogs

Ella and Enzo found Judith in late March 2021 as she was driving through Alabama in her motorhome with her animals moving to the beautiful Ranch in Central NY. They are proof that they find us when they need us most. Secretly they carried 7 puppies in their luggage which were born May 01 very healthy and extremely sweet.

In summer 2023 we rescued 2 dogs from Louisiana; Cora was rehomed within a week of her arrival; Lola has been recovering from abuse and is ready for her new home.

After becoming a shelter partner with NYC Animal Control we've taken in little hospice dog Poppy who crossed over the rainbow Bridge two weeks later; Stevie who came with severe dermatitis; Felipe who arrived with a pneumonia and needed to spend two days in the hospital, was struggling with severe distrust towards humans, was deaf and suddenly passed 4 weeks later possible from a ruptured undetected tumor; Theo, a special needs dog with a genetic, neurodegenerative disease called Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis; Scrappy, a senior Chi with horrible teeth and a heart murmur; Max, another senior Terrier with bad teeth and an even worse heart murmur.

Puppies in a wagon.jpg

The Puppies

7 puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls, were born on May 1, 2021. Ella was very sweet and extremely patient Mom and Enzo the all playful Dad who would show the pups all kinds of silly (and stupid) things a pup can do and get into trouble for. All 7 were sweet as pie and with that totally their parents offsprings. All puppies have been rehomed to loving families.

The Farm Animals

As of 12/2023 the Rescue is home to

10 horses, two of them very senior at 27 and 34 years old

2 hinnies (pony mules)

2 mini donkeys

6 Nubian goats

30 chickens

5 guinea fowl

2 peking ducks

We have rehomed 2 horses, a donkey, numerous goats.

We were able to find homes for about 150 chickens, most of which came from NYC, as well as several ducks which we transferred to our rescue Partner Duckberry Waterfowl Sanctuary near Utica.

Donkeys 01.jpg

The Cats

The first kitties that joined The Ranch as rescues came from Herkimer and were feral cats needing to be relocated. They are our proud although very shy barn cats who take their job of keeping The Ranch vermin free very serious.

Soon more cats followed and by September '22 there were 12 cats residing on the Ranch including 3 barn cats. Several kittens have been rehomed and a few young adult cats are awaiting their FurEver home.

In Fall of 2023 we were up to 15 cats including 4 kittens. After getting registered for the website Adopt-a-pet we were able to quickly find homes for the 4 kittens and 2 adult cats.

What else we've been up to...

In April 2023 we were able to hold a MASH style feline spay & neuter clinic here at the Rescue. We hired a vet and together with 3 volunteers including a Vet Tech we managed to spay and neuter 27 cats at the lowest rates state-wide, without any public money or grants.

Our goal is to find a vet who could hold a clinic on a regular basis as there is a real cat problem here in NYS (like in many other states) where TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return) are not sponsored or otherwise encouraged from any official side and so the feral/community cat populations just keep growing uncontrollably.

After a recent rabies outbreak in one of the feral cat colonies in Cherry Valley we think it is time for the counties and State to step up and support TNVR efforts to curb the acute health risk, a risk that doesn't just affect feral cats but potentially all other pets, livestock and humans.

Please follow us for a petition that we will soon start online and a letter which can be copied to be forwarded to your State Representatives to urge politics to step up for everyone's safety.

Our 2021 Rescue Success
15 cats

14 horses
2   goats
15 chickens/roosters



7  dogs

2  cats

Our 2023 Rescue Success


7 dogs

1 cat

1 sheep

10 ducks

too many chickens to count


1 mini donkey

1 cat

1 duck

1 dog

Our 2022 Rescue Success


3 ducks

9 kittens

2 cats

1 rooster


2 horses

6 kittens

3 cats

2 chickens & 2 roosters

The Sweet Life Animal Rescue Inc. is an accredited 501(c)(3) with the Department of Treasury,

a registered Non-Profit with the NYS Charities Bureau and

a registered Animal Rescue with the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, Shelter Number 485

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