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Saving lives one animal at a time

Founded in April 2021 by Judith after purchasing this beautiful 190ac property in the heart of the State of New York, The Sweet Life Animal Rescue is committed to protecting animals from cruelty, neglect and slaughter through rescuing, rehabbing and retiring them on The Ranch or rehoming them with their FurEver Families. The more people get involved, the stronger we are. Check out how you can help today.



Even when driving from her previous home in Florida to her new home on The Ranch in Upstate New York with the plan to start her own Rescue, Judith stumbled upon two homeless dogs in the NR corner of Alabama that locals knew but didn't care about. Several unsuccessful phone calls and emails later Judith decided to take them in right then and there and make them the first two intakes of the not even yet formed The Sweet Life Animal Rescue. Those two are the Uber-sweet Labs Ella and Enzo who came with 7 adorable puppies in their luggage which were born May 01, 2021 and are the first animals The Sweet Life was able to successfully rehome.

But Rescuing is more than simply taking them in and finding them a new home. It also means medical bills for vet care and treatment including dental and chiropractors as needed, for vaccinations, microchipping, food, bedding and more.

We cannot do this without your help. It takes a village. No matter how large or small your donation of labor and/or money, every single hour of help and every single Dollar make a difference.


Most of our animals have health issues that need addressing and often long term care. Many animals come to us from situations of neglect or abuse or after accidents.

We don't only address physical issues but also emotional rehab through energetic work, socialization, species-appropriate keeping and lots of love and care.


Here at The Ranch our Animals are allowed to live the life that their species needs; dogs get lots of outside time going on hikes, roaming the property, interacting with other animals and using all their senses that they were given.

The equines get to spend all of their time on about 40ac traveling up and down the hillside at their liking which provides them with the daily exercise they need to prevent equine specific medical issues like founder and laminitis caused by a lack of movement and inadequate feed.

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The more we can rehome the more we can rescue.

Help us by adopting.

If you can't adopt, foster.

If you can't foster, volunteer.

If you can't volunteer, donate.

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Ella & Enzo

Ella and Enzo found Judith in late March 2021 as she was driving through Alabama in her motorhome with her animals moving to the beautiful Ranch in Central NY. They are proof that they find us when they need us most. Secretly they carried 7 puppies in their luggage which were born May 01 very healthy and extremely sweet.


The Puppies

7 puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls, were born on May 1, 2021. Ella was very sweet and extremely patient Mom and Enzo the all playful Dad who would show the pups all kinds of silly (and stupid) things a pup can do and get into trouble for. All 7 were sweet as pie and with that totally their parents offsprings. All puppies have been rehomed to loving families.

Puppies in a wagon.jpg

The Donkeys

The first two donkeys to come to The Ranch were Sofia and Tino. Sofia, at 25 years old, was in pretty bad shape, just fur and bones with bald spots from a buggy harness and unable to eat hay. The dentist confirmed that her teeth were in pretty rough shape and many of them lose and in danger of having to get pulled. Sofia was put on a special senior food plus supplements and shredded hay which was easier for her to chew and eat. 

Tino, the mini donkey, is a sassy and playful little thing with really bad hooves and Asthma due to seasonal allergies.

In July '21 the two minis Nicki and Kenny came to us from Louisiana where we rescued them off the meat truck.

Sofia crossed the Rainbow Bridge in April 2022 and is now running free and without pain. She enjoyed a wonderful 11 months ot the Rescue Ranch being loved and doted on. The 3 mini donkeys saw here as their Momma Boss and followed her wherever she went. Sofia is greatly missed by all of us.

Donkeys 01.jpg

The Cats

The first kitties that joined The Ranch as rescues came from Herkimer and were feral cats needing to be relocated. They are our proud although very shy barn cats who take their job of keeping The Ranch vermin free very serious.

Soon more cats followed and by September '22 there are 12 cats residing on the Ranch including 3 barn cats. Several kittens have been rehomed and a few young adult cats are awaiting their FurEver home.

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310 Dimmock Hollow Rd, Morris NY 13808


NYS Registered Shelter/Rescue No. 485

NYS Charitable Organisation Reg. No. 48-79-88

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