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Chinook was found at only 7 weeks old as a stray by the lady who runs the animal shelter in Bethlehem, Palestine. She took him in and raised him and at 11 months old someone from Canada decided to adopt him. But then they changed their mind and were going to take him to a kill shelter, so through Animal Heroes EU Chinook came to us. He's a well traveled pup, a Shepherd-Husky mix (Shepsky) and full of energy. Needless to say he loves the country & farm live! He is a giant goofball, incredibly sweet and cuddly and still a big baby.

By becoming a monthly sponsor for Chinook, you help us provide him with the care he deserves.

Here's how your sponsorship can make a difference:

  • Nutritious Meals: Our dogs get fed a mix of raw meet and dry food together with our farm fresh eggs and goat milk from our milk goat Luna.
  • Healthcare: Cover vet visits, vaccinations, and any necessary medical treatments.
  • Comfort and Joy: Provide toys, bedding, and other comforts to keep Chinook happy and engaged.
  • Training: Support Chinook's training efforts.
  • Community Impact: Join a network of sponsors making a meaningful impact on animal welfare.

Your monthly sponsorship commitment is not just an investment in Chinook's life but also a testament to your compassion and dedication to making the world a better place for animals. Every contribution, no matter the size, has a significant impact on Molly's well-being and future.

Our sponsors receive exclusive updates on their sponsored animal.

Sponsorship 🐾 Chinook

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One-time purchase
Sponsorship Chinook
Monthly Support
$25.00every month until canceled
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