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Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

Today I am especially grateful for all my animals, every single one of them. Life would be so empty without them even if they can be little devils from time to time. Every animal is an individual, with its own character and needs and ways to give love 💕

Today I am also VERY thankful for the support to the Rescue from donors ♥️ as much as volunteers ♥️ especially my Workawayers ♥️ Today I got to spend and celebrate with a wonderful young lady Maggie from Atlanta who’s been staying with me for the past 2 weeks and unfortunately (for me and the critters) is going back to college on Sunday. She’ll be very missed not only by me but maybe even more so by all the kitties in this house who all love her (way more than me, and that’s ok 😁)

I hope you all got to spend your day with someone you love and if you’re still looking for that special friend then contact me about our adoptable animals 🥰

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁♥️

Judith Woerler

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