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Support our cause

by becoming a volunteer

Contact us to find out how to become a volunteer.

by fostering 

Contact us to find out how to become a foster.

by donating

For your convenience we made easy to choose tabs with which you can turn your ONE TIME DONATION into PAWS,

or your MONTHLY DONATION into Guardian Angel WINGS


So you know how much your donation will support our rescue, here are some EXAMPLES:

$10 will     - feed our 2 barn cats for a month OR

                  - pay for a flea and tick collar for 1 dog OR

                  - pay for the yearly vaccine per cat or dog

$25 will     - pay for 1 donkey's hoof trim OR

                 - feed the 3 donkeys hay for a month OR

                 - feed the 2 hinnies hay for one month

$50 will     - pay for the ducks' feed in winter OR

                 - pay for 1 horse's hoof trim every other month

$100 will   - pay for hay for 6 horses OR

                 - it will feed our adoptable cats for a month

$150 will   - feed the dogs Ella and Enzo for one month OR

                 - pay for 1 horse for one month including feed, farrier, vaccines, barn bedding, treats

Some more examples of our cost:

In winter our electric bill is up to $1000 a month due to water heaters and water line heaters, barn heaters, barn lights, outside lights, electric fencing as well as supplemental electric radiators in the house to keep the propane bill down which also goes up to $1000 a month, despite us being VERY conservative in our energy usage.

Wood shavings are $450 a load twice a year

Our UTV which we cannot go without especially in winter to haul hay around, costs us $500 a month in interest free loan payments plus approximately $50 in diesel