The Sweet Life Animal Ranch

in April 2021 Judith fulfilled her lifelong dream of a ranch for animals in need, living in harmony with animals and nature as a guardian for both and saving lives one animal and one person at a time.

Animals and Nature need us to go back to our roots of living as one with consideration and mindfulness and in a symbiosis through which we all will strive.

Judith's main objective with the Rescue was to help animals and to help animals help us humans as they do in their very own special way, if we let them. 

In order to make this goal happen the Ranch needs to make some money. Rescuing animals is an expensive undertaking. There is feed, bedding, vet bills, farrier cost, infrastructure that needs to be fixed or build, bail and transport for many rescue animals to be saved from slaughter and sent up here. So many ideas were thrown around and so there is a Working Ranch with goats and some cattle, a Doggy Ranch for Doggy Day Care or Vacay, there is the Glamping Ranch where people can camp out in their self-contained RV's and down the road in tiny cabins, there is the Event Ranch where we rent out the Ranch for any occasion that doesn't interfere with the wellbeing of our animals; and there is The Healing Ranch where animals as well as humans can find relief from anxiety, trauma and pain through Reiki, EFT and Emotion Code.